• Dates:

    9th April - 12th April, 2018

  • Age: (15-21 years)
  • Days:

    4 Days

  • Tour Cost Rs.16800/- Per Person


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Cheering to 25 startling/fantabulous camping years of Kalakrruti, here is something NEW we have in our plate for you! 


Summer Camps are the perfect combination of fun, learning and understanding.

The stay at the serene hill station of Mahabaleshwar in the Hotel Citrus (4 star) is not going to be a regular camp for your child. It is going to be much more than fun and relaxation. So yes, this trip is an alternative to the boring workshops in town where they can bond with their friends, play creative games, and develop their personality.

Let your teen unleash the hidden gem in him! He is worth it all.

Give your child this opportunity to take the front seat of the car we call ‘life’ ALL by himself and pull the gears to the number they want to and ‘ woosshhhh’, let his car ride to the destination that is waiting for him!

So let us get the child
‘to spread their wings,
Try new things 
And push them out of their comfort zone’

Through play and learn, see and churn, the nights for fun, we assure you understandings or learning's will be done! 

Thomas Edison once said ‘One doesn’t fail 100 times. One successfully finds out 100 ways that will not work’.  So here we are to give your curious child the chance to explore and an opportunity to TRY!

Main aim/ Focus of Summer camp:

Leadership skills

Character building

Respect for parents and elders

Choosing the right company and friends & keeping away from the wrong ones

Decision making

Team work

Public speaking

Time management

By AC Bus

Tour Cost: Rs. 16800/- Per Person (GST is Inclusive.)

(Ex Student or for group of 3 to 5).

For Group of 6 to 9 Discount of RS 180 per person on tour cost.

For Group of 10 & more Discount of RS 360 per person on tour cost.

For Single Person Rs. 180 would be extra on tour cost. 

We assure it will be an experience to be treasured...

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